GLORIA is an international investigator – initiated trial aiming to prove (or disprove) that the addition of chronic low dose glucocorticoids to current anti-rheumatic therapy is cost-effective and safe, in elderly patients with Rheumatoid Arthritis (RA). About 50% of patients are currently treated with this strategy.

GLORIA is funded by the EU Horizon 2020 Program. >> 


“GLORIA part two”: In Excelsis project

GLORIA is still fully operational, but we are already thinking about ‘GLORIA part two’: In Excelsis project. In Excelsis is the same study intervention, but now for patients aged 18-64. The full proposal was already submitted. For now, we need to keep on waiting for more news and wishing that another successful project may arise.
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Promoting GLORIA

In the Netherlands, there have been several publicity actions to expose GLORIA to patients as well as others that could be interested in the trial. An interesting movie with an interview to Professor Martin Boers was produced and it is already available on the website of the Dutch Arthritis Association (Reumafonds). The subtitle of the movie will also be translated in all participating language
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GLORIA investigators meeting at EULAR Madrid

This meeting will take place at EULAR (Madrid) on 16th June 2017. An update on trial status is expected and the recruitment efforts will be discussed. This will be an excellent moment to share the experiences about GLORIA trial which have already recruited patients in seven different countries: Netherlands, Germany, Portugal, Slovakia, Italy, Hungary and Romania. A presentation of the survey
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